“Daddyofive” just one step away from closing down his youtube channel

Been watching this story unfold for a few days now and if you don’t already know the full in’s and out’s I’ll try a long story short version.

Daddyofive is/was a semi successful youtube who monetised his account that was based around him, his wife and 5 children.
A few days ago he posted a video that quickly went viral, but not in a good way.
Him and his wife were criticised of picking heavily on one of his children “Cody” which raised concerns about the child’ safety prompting calls for children’s protective services to intervene.
The channel itself he claims is just pranks and after this video went viral he was quick to claim that every video he uploaded was a planned fake, planned not only by him and his wife but his children too.
Things then went from bad to worse for the youtuber after Philip Defranco picked it up and sunk his teeth right into it!
After standing defiantly against his “haters” Daddyofive vowed to ignore all the criticism and continue making videos.
Life comes at you fast online though and now as from last night he removed every single video from his channel and posted an “apology”.

Check out the videos below to get the jist of the rest of the story.

“prank” video that went viral (deleted now by daddyofive)

PhillyD response to daddyofive after he accused him of ruining his Youtube career

Daddyofive “Apology” (if that’s what you call it)